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Wireless Energy Monitoring: A Key Ingredient for Energy Management Success

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Procuring electricity and natural gas for your business is one thing, but managing it is another. It’s imperative for business leaders to look at energy as more than just a line item on their monthly expenses.

To differentiate, the most successful businesses are managing energy strategically. In fact, early this year we surveyed 300 energy decision-makers at large companies to find out how they view their business’ electricity and natural gas.

The results were clear, 87 percent of respondents reported that energy management is very or somewhat critical to the financial performance of their business.

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Putting It To Work


Having visibility into how your business uses energy and where it is being wasted is one of the key ingredients to managing electricity and natural gas strategically.

Thankfully, wireless energy monitoring technology helps businesses pinpoint wasted energy not just at a building level, but also for individual devices and pieces of equipment within the building. With such precision, businesses can find hidden waste that — if eliminated — could mean significant energy savings, especially when combined with advanced analytics.

A recent study from the Harvard Business Review highlighted the many benefits of energy monitoring technology. 

According to the report: “When networking giant Cisco installed 1,500 energy sensors in one of its Asian manufacturing facilities in 2015, it measured the plant’s total energy use for the first time—and soon found ways to cut it by 30%.”

 We consider wireless energy monitoring technology, like our very own Panoramic Power, one of the 6 Key Ingredients to an Effective Business Energy Strategy.  Interestingly enough, despite the clear evidence of it working, more than 50 percent of the business leaders we surveyed said they aren’t using it.


panoramic power


 "With the granular data insights provided by wireless energy monitoring technology – like Panoramic Power – business can save on energy costs, improve equipment performance and optimize overall business operations,” said Bill Kenworthy, product manager at Direct Energy Business.

Another Set of Eyes 


When MRC Polymers, an Illinoi-based plastic compounder installed Panoramic Power, they were able to quickly identify machinery that required maintenance and repairs.

“With the Panoramic installation, it was a flawless installation,” said Aaron Vickers MRC Polymers Director of Maintenance and Engineering. “The sensors are installed on the wires we selected on the exact pieces of equipment that we decided to monitor. With the limited amount of maintenance and personal on the floor, it’s like having another set of eyes.”

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Posted: November 14, 2017