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What is Energy Choice, and How Can It Benefit My Business?

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For a long time, the utility company was your only option for electricity and natural gas, regardless of where you lived.  

However, that has changed drastically through the years.  

In the U.S. and Canada, many states and provinces have gradually replaced a monopoly system of electricity and natural gas with competition, allowing energy providers to offer your business alternative energy options. Today, consumers in deregulated energy markets have real energy choice and can choose who supplies energy to their home or business. 

As part of our ongoing Lightbulb Moments series, we’ve put together a new, informative video to help overview energy deregulation in layman’s terms.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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Why have so many states and provinces adopted deregulation? Because it can offer a whole host of benefits for homes and businesses alike, including:

The benefits of energy choice aren’t some distant dream; across the country, businesses have already begun to realize the vast energy savings potential of switching from the default utility rate to a retail energy supplier. 

For example, businesses in Pennsylvania have saved an estimated $3.4 billion in recent years simply by switching to a retail supplier like Direct Energy Business. Businesses in California, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and New England have also saved billions of dollars off of the utility rate. 

Interested in making the switch? Direct Energy Business can help determine if your business is located in a deregulated energy market and guide you through the switching process. 

Want to learn other basic energy concepts and terminology?  

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Posted: June 14, 2017