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How States Stack Up in Corporate Clean Energy Procurement

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Where do states stand in helping businesses gain access to renewable energy? 

That question was recently answered in a new report from the Retail Industry Leadership Association (RILA), Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) and Clean Edge. 

The report — Corporate Clean Energy Procurement Index: State Leadership & Rankings — assesses all 50 states on a variety of policy indicators related to renewable energy procurement for businesses and organizations, including: how well states help remove barriers to deployment of both onsite and offsite renewable installations; how well they support next generation purchasing options; how well they expand energy choice options for commercial and industrial (C&I) customers; and how well they help renewable energy scale in general. 

So, how did each state fare? The map below presents the report's overall results. 

Source: Corporate Clean Energy Procurement Index: State Leadership & Rankings

Despite lacking retail energy choice for C&I customers, Iowa tops the list due in large part to its extensive wind deployment. However, 14 of the other top 15 states all possess some degree of energy choice for businesses. That includes the State of Delaware (#12) which formally named Direct Energy as the “Electric Retail Supplier Exclusively Contracted by the State of Delaware" last summer. It also includes Pennsylvania (#15), which saved $800 million for consumers in 2015, thanks to the breakup of electric utility monopolies and a competitive market structure.

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The Clean Edge report comes hot on the heels of another study by the Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) which found that U.S. corporate buyers — regardless of industry vertical — are stepping up their investments in renewable energy. That study found that 71 percent of Fortune 100 companies and 43 percent of Fortune 500 companies have now set renewable energy or sustainability targets. Moreover, 22 of Fortune 500 companies are pursuing 100 percent green energy goals.

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Posted: January 17, 2017