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Top 3 Energy Stories from November

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November brought some cold weather in parts of the United States and Canada, and that was the general theme that resonated on the Direct Energy Business blog.

Two out of the three top visited posts had something to do with weather and preparing for winter.

1. 10 Tips for Managing Your Heating Bill This Winter

It’s obvious that many of you are preparing your businesses for the cold winter months.

Our top post in November included 10 tips to help you do just that. With increased use of your heating systems, it’s not uncommon to see spikes in your natural gas or electricity bills. We want to help you reduce unnecessary increases. By implementing some, or all of these things at your business,  you may not get burned (or should we say frost bitten) by the winter months.

View full post HERE.

2. La Nina is Here, Weather Experts Say. So What Does it Really Mean?

Next up is another post about weather. This time, we spoke to our very own in-house meteorologist to get an idea of what La Nina means.

This came after weather officials in the United States announced that La Nina climate conditions arrived and are expected to stick around through at least the first part of 2018.

Direct Energy Business Meteorologist Beau Gjerdingen said La Nina patterns typically favor warmer than normal conditions across the Southern United States and cooler than normal conditions across Western Canada and through the Midwestern portion of the United States.

To read more about how these patterns could influence the next few months of weather, CLICK HERE.

3. What is the Role of the Utility and a Retail Energy Provider?

Rounding out the top three is an older post that we recently updated in June.

This article breaks down the differences between a retail energy provider, like Direct Energy Business, and the local utility. To understand the true differences, this is a great resource.

To see the full post, GO HERE


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Posted: December 08, 2017