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12 Days of Energy Savings

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12 days of energy savings

The holiday season is here, and chances are, your business, like your home, is facing a number of extra expenses as you near year's end. Fortunately, your energy bill doesn't have to be one of your biggest expenses. This holiday season, check out these twelve days of energy savings to see just how much you can save on your energy bill. 

On the first day of Christmas, great energy savings came...

...from eliminating energy vampires from your building. 

Energy vampires occur when items that aren't in use continue to suck energy. Anything from your coffee maker to your printers, fax machines, and computers could be a culprit. Eliminating these energy vampires across a large building can make a big difference in your energy usage each month.

On the second day of Christmas, great energy savings came...

...from scheduling an energy audit for the new year.

Whether you opt for a DIY energy audit or bring in a professional to do it for you, an energy audit will let you know all the ways your business is potentially wasting energy. Even better, it will allow you to learn how to improve your energy usage. Get it scheduled now to experience great savings in the year ahead. 

On the third day of Christmas, great energy savings came...

...from scheduling maintenance for your HVAC unit.

Let's face it: as long as it's doing what it's supposed to do--that is, heating and cooling your building--you aren't particularly concerned with your HVAC unit. The reality, however, is that you should be! Your HVAC unit will continue operating even when it has several problems, but it won't operate at peak efficiency, and it will cost you more on your energy bill than a unit that's operating as effectively as possible. When you conduct regular maintenance, on the other hand, your unit will operate efficiently, which means you won't pay more for the same function!

On the fourth day of Christmas, great energy savings came...

 ...from checking your appliances to be sure that they're Energy Star certified.

Energy Star certification on printers, fax machines, computers, and other appliances can make a big difference in the amount of energy you're using over the course of a year. Machines that are Energy Star certified must be just as capable as their non-certified counterparts, but use considerably less energy. If your equipment isn't Energy Star certified, create a plan to swap to equipment that is with your next upgrade.

On the fifth day of Christmas, great energy savings came...

...from using natural light to best advantage throughout your workplace.

Natural lighting has a number of clear advantages. First and foremost, it's a great light source that comes completely free. On top of that, natural lighting will help provide some additional heating for your building. Take down heavy curtains and open up the blinds to let in natural light and let the sun do some of the work of heating your building. 

On the sixth day of Christmas, great energy savings came...

...from installing smart thermostats throughout the building.

Do you struggle with a constant case of thermostat wars throughout your building? Are members of your staff constantly turning the thermostat up and down in an effort to reach the perfect temperature? If so, smart thermostats can offer a number of advantages. They'll help keep your building at optimal temperature. Not only that, smart thermostats can be programmed to bring the temperature down when no one is in the building, then bring it back to optimal temperature before the beginning of the work day, which will help you save on energy when no one is in the building. 

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  • On the seventh day of Christmas, great energy savings came...

    ...from using motion sensors in rooms that aren't used all day (or all the time).

    Motion sensors attached to the lights in conference rooms, bathrooms, and other rooms that aren't in use throughout the bulk of the day will help ensure that the lights get turned off whenever someone leaves the room--without leaving the responsibility on the shoulders of your employees. Motion sensors might be impractical in offices with a single tenant--working industriously away behind a desk can cause the motion sensor to register the room as empty--but in conference rooms, break rooms, and bathrooms, where people are in and out all day, motion sensors can help add to your energy savings.

    On the eighth day of Christmas, great energy savings came...

    ...looking into solar power and other renewable energy options for your business.

    Renewable energy sources, especially those you can generate yourself, may lead to big savings, especially over the course of several years. Do your research to determine whether or not solar power or other renewable energy alternatives are a reasonable, cost-effective solution for your business in the coming year. If you find that it is, create a plan that will help you take full advantage of those savings.

    On the ninth day of Christmas, great energy savings came...

    ...from checking out energy providers in your area to see who has the best rates.

    If you're in an open energy market, you may have the option to get energy less expensively. Do some shopping around to see who can offer you the best rates. The cheapest rates aren't always the best for your company: explore whether those rates or variable or fixed and how they'll change after the initial term of your contract to ensure that you get a great deal for your business. 

    On the tenth day of Christmas, great energy savings came...

    ...from creating an energy savings plan throughout the entire office.

    Every employee in the building is equally responsible for helping implement the energy savings plan that will help create substantial financial savings for your business. In order to make the most of your energy savings plan, you need everyone to be on board! Create an energy savings plan that you'll share with the entire building. This could include incentives, a method for tracking progress, and regular updates that are shared with the entire facility in order to give everyone more incentive to keep saving energy. 

    On the eleventh day of Christmas, great energy savings came...

    ...from closing off unused areas of the building.

    Is there an area of your building that isn't in regular use? What about conference rooms that are only used a few times a month (or, worse, a few times a year) or storage areas that have no need to be climate controlled? By shutting off vents in those areas of the building and closing doors and other openings to reduce airflow, you'll be able to experience substantial savings. 

    On the twelfth day of Christmas, great energy savings came...

    ...from preventing energy loss when no one's in the building. 

    Over the holidays, there are plenty of days when no one's going to come into work. While you don't want to the pipes to freeze, you don't have to pay to keep the building at its optimal operating temperature, either! Dropping the temperature a few days over the holidays, when no one is in the building, can offer fairly substantial energy savings throughout the course of the month--especially if you're shutting down over several days for the holidays.

    This holiday season, give your business the gift of energy! Even small changes can make a big difference for many small and medium-sized businesses.Take our quiz to see what items you should tackle right away!


    Posted: December 14, 2017