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Here are the Top 5 Energy Stories from March

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March brought a whirlwind of energy news, tips and insights on the Direct Energy Business Blog. 

Here are the month's most popular posts.

5.) Solar Growth Continued at a Record Pace in 2016

2016 was another record-breaking year for solar. According to SEIA and GTM Research, the U.S. market installed a total of 14,762 megawatts (MW) of solar last year, nearly double the capacity installed in 2015. Additionally, solar also led the way in new electric generating capacity additions for the first-time ever at 39 percent.

4.) Tech to the Rescue: New Tools Help Businesses Tackle Their Energy Use

In our recent survey of 300 energy decision makers, Direct Energy Business found that 22 percent of those using energy monitoring equipment cut costs by 21 percent or greater. And 63 percent cut costs by 6 percent to 20 percent.

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3.) LNG Will Make the U.S. a Net Energy Exporter by the 2020s

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the U.S. will become a net exporter of natural gas on an average annual basis by 2018. In most scenarios, it also estimates that the U.S. will become a net exporter of total energy in the 2020s, due to the significant growth in natural gas trade.

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2.) Warm Weather Led to the Earliest U.S. Natural Gas Injection Ever

Weather can have a major impact on the energy landscape. Recently, for the first time since weekly storage data has been collected, the U.S. recorded a net natural gas injection in February. During the week of February 24, the total amount of natural gas in storage in the lower 48 states grew by 7 billion cubic feet (Bcf).

1.) The Value of Energy Management Transcends All Industries

Sound energy management starts with a documented energy strategy. Yet, according to our 2017 Energy Decision Makers Survey Report, most businesses surveyed do not currently have a holistic strategy in place. While many businesses may be missing out on a huge energy savings opportunity, there's still a silver lining: a large percentage of companies plan to elevate their energy management in 2017.

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Posted: March 31, 2017