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How Real-time Insights Are Making Honda Center More Efficient

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The Anaheim Ducks are a National Hockey League franchise that competes at the Honda Center, a 650,000-square-foot entertainment hub that also hosts a variety of concerts and sporting events that pose unique energy challenges. The Anaheim, CA-based franchise works with Direct Energy Business to procure energy and monitor performance, positioning the Ducks to deliver a quality customer experience and use resources wisely.

The Ducks use a natural gas supply solution, which drives the innovative fuel cell technology that generates much of the Honda Center’s power. To gain insights into how they’re using energy, they installed Panoramic Power®—the device-level energy monitoring solution from Direct Energy Business. With Panoramic Power, the Ducks get real-time data on where power is being used throughout the venue through a cloud-based analytics platform. Equipped with more timely and granular information, the Ducks can use Panoramic Power to reduce costs and extend the life of equipment at the Honda Center.

Watch this short video to learn how the Ducks transformed their energy use into a competitive advantage.


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"Through our partnership with Direct Energy Business we're able to see where power is being consumed throughout the entire facility. This is going to allow us to target where the consumption is taking place and the bottom line is that this is going to make us a much more efficient organization. We appreciate what Direct Energy Business has done for us. In an era of ever increasing expenses Direct Energy Business came in and showed us how to actually decrease our expenses."

Tim Ryan
COO, Anaheim Ducks


Posted: May 12, 2017