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How Innovative Businesses in Two States Saved $3.3 Billion

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Despite the many benefits of energy choice, some states still have limitations and barriers to choice.  

A capped market places restrictions on the allowable amount of retail switching in order to protect the regulated utilities within such markets.

However, even in states with capped markets, the benefits of energy choice are shining through. In a recent independent study by Energy Research Consulting Group's (ERCG), the total amount of retail electricity savings achieved by commercial customers were examined in two key states with capped markets: California and Michigan. 

Despite having a cap on the total amount of retail switching, commercial electric savings were significant in both states. Between 2011 and 2015, commercial customers collectively saved an estimated $3.3 billion simply by switching to a retail energy provider. That directly translates to an average of $650 million in commercial electric savings each year. 

In both cases, the waiting lists to be eligible to switch to an alternative supplier are long – especially since utility prices are relatively high – and the shopping caps are filled predominantly by commercial customers. With lower market prices widening the price gap between utility and competitive rates, commercial electricity savings have steadily increased in recent years.

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Our new eGuide further showcases the savings achieved in California and Michigan, and highlights how your business can potentially make the switch to a retail energy provider. The slideshow below offers a brief preview of the report. 

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Posted: June 30, 2017