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What is a Retail Energy Provider?

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We recently highlighted the role of utilities and the importance of energy choice. 

So, what is a retail energy provider, and where does it fit into the energy picture? 

Have no fear: Direct Energy Business is here to help. We’ve put together a new, informative video series – Lightbulb Moments series – to help get you up-to-speed on some basic energy terminology.

Our latest video provides an easy-to-understand explanation of retail energy providers and how they can potentially benefit your business: 

Check out all of our Lightbulb Moments videos here.

Traditionally, the utility company was your sole option for natural gas and electricity, regardless of where your business is located. However, that has changed significantly through the years. 

In the U.S. and Canada, many states and provinces have replaced a monopoly system of electricity and natural gas – in which you have no other choice beyond your local utility – with competition, allowing retail energy providers to help consumers obtain the best service and price possible.

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A retail energy provider can empower your business with a whole host of benefits, including: 

A new report has found that businesses across the country have saved billions by switching from their default utility company to a retail energy provider. For example, businesses in Pennsylvania saved an estimated $3.4 billion over a four-year period by making the switch. Similar findings have also  been reported for businesses in  California, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and the New England region.

Want to learn other basic energy terminology to help make more informed energy decisions? 

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Posted: July 12, 2017