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What are the Most Energy-Efficient Cities in the U.S.?

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U.S. cities continue to make important strides in energy efficiency.  

That's according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), which recently released its 2017 City Energy Efficiency Scorecard.

The ranking — which measures the progress of city policies and programs that both save energy and promote economic growth — examines the 51 most populous U.S. cities on five different categories: local government operations, community-wide initiatives, building codes, energy and water utilities, and transportation. 

Which cities scored the highest? Check out the map below to find out: 


Source: American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Atop this year's scorecard were Boston, New York City, Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles. Boston — which led the rankings for the third year in a row — performed well for its investments in natural gas and electricity efficiency programs. Each of the other four cities improved their year-over-year ranking, with Portland making a 10-point jump and Los Angeles becoming the most-improved city with a huge increase of 25 points. 

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As the report aptly notes, energy efficiency can provide tremendous benefits to businesses. So, what steps can your business take to help unlock its energy savings potential and contribute to your city's overall energy efficiency?

Cutting-edge data analytics technology isn't a bad place to start. Technologies like Panoramic Power — which analyzes 8 billion data points per month and counting – offer large businesses a device-level energy management solution. The wireless sensors clip directly onto circuit wires, capture device-level data in real-time and process data in an analytics platform. The technology's insights are estimated to help save, on average, 12 percent for businesses, allowing operators to see how they can become more energy efficient, how their equipment is functioning and how they can improve their overall business operations.

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Posted: July 21, 2017