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How PPG Paints Arena is Winning in Energy Management

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PPG Paints Arena is home to the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins. 

It’s also home to a winning energy strategy — aided by Direct Energy Business — that combines energy efficiency, demand reduction and smart procurement strategies that take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace.

In the video below, see how Direct Energy Business partnered with arena leaders to devise a creative energy strategy using demand response and other green energy tactics.

In October, Direct Energy Business was thrilled to present the Pittsburgh Penguins and PPG Paints Arena with our inaugural All-Star Energy Award.

The award was presented by Todd Sandford (Head of Solutions, Distributed Energy and Power for Direct Energy) to Gary Desjardins (General Manager of the AEG Facilities-managed PPG Paints Arena), recognizing the Penguins and PPG Paints Arena’s proactive approach to energy management and conservation. In addition to the award, Sandford also presented a donation of $5,000 made on behalf of the Penguins to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

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“Starting with PPG Paints arena itself, which is the first stadium of any kind to achieve LEED Gold Certification, the Penguins and PPG Paints Arena have been at the forefront of innovation in energy efficiency and conservation,” said Sandford. “In addition to the programs they participate in with us, such as Demand Response, the Pittsburgh Penguins are also leading the clean, independent and sustainable energy charge with the development of The Uptown District Energy Center, a natural gas-powered CHP plant and EcoInnovation District next to their arena.” 

“On behalf of PPG Paints arena, I'd like to thank Direct Energy for their recognition of our efforts and their generous donation to the Children's Miracle Network on our behalf. We remain committed to our efforts towards smart energy conservation and efficiency,” said Desjardins.

Learn how your business can elevate its energy management game. 

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Posted: February 08, 2017