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Georgia vs. Massachusetts: Who Wins This Year's Energy Showdown?

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How do Georgia and Massachusetts stack up when it comes to managing overall energy consumption?

We've put together a fun Energy Bowl infographic comparing both states on a variety of energy indicators, ranging from state energy efficiency ranking to policies promoting energy choice. Last year featured an incredibly close overtime contest between North Carolina and Colorado, with Colorado (and Denver) narrowly claiming the title. 

This year was a different story as Massachusetts claimed a decisive victory in the 2017 Energy Bowl. The team was lifted by six categories: its #1 overall energy efficiency ranking from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), an ambitious energy savings target of 15 percent by 2020 (and 1 percent each year after) for Class I, more installed solar (1,328 MW) and wind (115 MW) capacity, and well-established policies promoting both energy choice and corporate clean energy procurement

Check out the full infographic below. 

While Georgia (and Atlanta) received higher marks in the number of ENERGYSTAR-certified buildings and alternative fueling stations, it's no secret that Massachusetts is – in many ways – a national energy powerhouse. After all, it has been consistently ranked by ACEEE as the most energy efficient U.S. state for six years running

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Congratulations to Georgia and Massachusetts for reaching this year's Energy Bowl, and best of luck to both states' teams in the other big game this Sunday! 

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Posted: February 02, 2017