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Energy Market Update: April 18, 2017

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Are regional power prices still following natural gas prices? 

In this week's Energy Market Update, Tim Bigler — Direct Energy Business Energy Strategist — overviews recent NYMEX natural gas price data and discusses the correlation with regional power prices.

Watch the video below to learn more. 

5-Year NYMEX Natural Gas Prices

For the term beginning May 2017, 12-month natural gas prices are currently higher year-over-year. However, after the 24-month time period, prices are fairly comparable to last year. 

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While year-over-year prices are currently higher, NYMEX forward natural gas prices are near a six-month low. 

2018-2019 Regional Power Prices

In several key consumption regions, power prices continue to closely follow natural gas prices. However, in other regions, the correlation is less pronounced due to increased power plant efficiency and renewables. 

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Tim Bigler, Senior Market Strategist at Direct Energy Business, is a 30+ year veteran of the U.S. natural gas, electric, and oil market.

Posted: April 18, 2017