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Helping Carnegie Robotics Find New Ways to Innovate with a Customized Energy Strategy

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Bringing Energy Innovation to a Startup Robotics Maker

Carnegie Robotics is a startup company founded in 2010 that develops advanced robotics sensors and platforms for defense, agriculture, mining, infrastructure and energy applications. They operate out of a retrofitted 50,000 sq.ft building in Pittsburgh's Lawrenceville neighborhood.

In 2014, they chose Direct Energy Business as their electricity supplier over several other retail suppliers. They chose us because "they really helped to educate me on what to look for and what to do and what not do," according to Bill Meanor, Facility Manager at Carnegie Robotics.

A customized purchasing strategy pays off

Right off the bat, we were able to help Carnegie Robotics save on their energy costs by developing a customized purchasing strategy for electricity and natural gas. This strategy took into account their projected usage at the time as well as their expected business growth—and resulting expanded usage. Carnegie Robotics saw savings for both their electricity and natural gas compared to their previous utility bills.

Seeing their operation like never before with Panoramic Power®

In the summer of 2016, we brought our breakthrough Panoramic Power® solution to Carnegie Robotics. It allowed them to gain unprecedented insights into their energy usage. By installing tiny, self-powered wireless sensors onto their circuits, Carnegie Robotics could begin seeing exactly how much energy each piece of equipment, lighting and HVAC component was using.

Getting results

The results were almost immediate. Within 24 hours of installing an initial group of sensors, Carnegie Robotics was able to identify lighting banks that were in use when they didn't need to be. They immediately developed a plan to curtail the use of several lighting banks during non-critical times and revised scheduling of their heating and RTU loads, creating immediate savings.

An ongoing, successful relationship

Today, we continue to work together on innovative ways to buy energy and smartly reduce their use of it and it's a relationship that Meanor enjoys "when you have a company that comes in and wants to save you money and look out for our best interests, I absolutely would recommend them."

Posted: April 03, 2017