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Art Museum Frames Up Energy Savings with Fixed Rate Plan

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New York City is an arts and cultural hub for numerous exhibitions and organizations. For one such art museum, keeping facility costs like energy in check is critical. As a nonprofit organization, the museum keeps its doors open because of the generous support of members, donors, partners and volunteers. Since 2007, Direct Energy Business has helped the art museum lock in a competitive fixed rate on their electricity and natural gas supply.

"We have a great relationship with Direct Energy Business. I definitely recommend their electric and gas services because of the competitive prices and potential savings. They have always helped us to lock in a great rate that’s even more competitive than our expectations. Sometimes the museum uses less gas than expected and Direct Energy Business is able to sell it back to the market so we can save a few dollars there, too. As a nonprofit organization that’s always looking to save money, cutting energy costs makes a big difference for us.

We have great relationship with our representative, David, who is our single point of contact who we can call directly with questions or other needs. I’m very happy with Direct Energy Business and expect to continue this beneficial relationship into the future."

- Museum Facilities Manager
Metro New York City Area

Posted: April 12, 2017

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