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How Energy Advisory Services Can Benefit Businesses

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Energy markets can move quickly, making it difficult for businesses to take advantage of beneficial prices.

So, how can businesses identify the most strategic procurement approach and optimize their energy spend? 

With the personalized and professional guidance provided by an energy advisory service. Energy advisors can provide your in-house energy team with an additional layer of expertise and guidance, positioning your company to leverage pricing that’s more closely aligned with the markets. 

To help businesses mitigate risk and take advantage of market movements, Direct Energy Business has created a new, in-depth strategy guide. For a taste of the guide, check out the presentation below which offers the business case for energy advisory services. 

The guide — "How to Get the Maximum Benefit from Energy Advisory Services" — highlights the importance of tracking and evaluating market variables to gain more value from your energy spend. Specifically, our guide overviews how energy advisory services can help your business:

  • Create a total energy strategy and plan, and socialize it internally to demonstrate value

  • Coordinate energy management among multiple facilities for high-volume energy use

  • Refine supply- and demand-side measures for overall budget management

  • Monitor long-term strategy and provide customized reporting on progress

  • Develop an informed and customized electricity and natural gas procurement strategy according to current market conditions and your organization’s usage history

For more information on how an energy advisory service can potentially benefit your business, please download our "How to Get the Maximum Benefit From Energy Advisory Services" strategy guide.

Posted: March 15, 2016