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Direct Energy Business Announces 13.6 MW Solar Project with Johns Hopkins and SolarCity

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Solar panelsOn Thursday, Direct Energy Business — in partnership with Johns Hopkins and SolarCity — announced an innovative remote solar project in Queen Anne's County, Maryland.

The 13.6 megawatt project will feature more than 40,000 solar panels across a 97-acre plot of land in Wye Mills, part of Queen Anne's County, Maryland. Over the next two decades, the system is projected to abate 1.4 million metric tons of CO2 and produce the energy equivalent to powering more than 180,000 homes for a year.

Due to lack of roof or ground space on current facilities for such a large-scale solar project, Johns Hopkins chose a remote solar arrangement that could still provide its facilities with affordable power. The remote solar system is made possible through cooperation of PJM Interconnection, the regional transmission organization that coordinates the movement of wholesale electricity. Direct Energy Business already works directly with PJM on behalf of Johns Hopkins to schedule and procure wholesale energy, and will now secure an equivalent amount of energy as is generated by the new solar system at a low, predictable rate.

"We're honored to continue our work with Johns Hopkins by providing the financing and management for this new remote solar system," said John Schultz, President of Direct Energy Business. "As a total energy management service provider, we are able to offer an energy solution that helps Johns Hopkins meet its procurement needs while also hedging against future rate increases."

The partnership with Johns Hopkins and SolarCity follows another recent groundbreaking 1.2 megwatt rooftop installation with H-E-B and Solarcity in Weslaco, Texas.

For more information on this innovative partnership with Johns Hopkin and SolarCity, please read the full press release. And to learn how solar power can boost your bottom line, check out our Solar page

Posted: January 08, 2016