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How a Holistic Energy Strategy is Boosting this Plastic Recycler

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The skyrocketing energy rates caused by polar vortex of 2014 caught many businesses by surprise. One of those businesses was Ultra-Poly, a Pennsylvania-based plastics recycling and manufacturing company. 

While Ultra-Poly took proactive steps to minimize the risk of power shortages, the company — like many in the region — was impacted by a dramatic increase in energy prices, resulting in significantly higher energy bills.

After discussing the challenges presented by extreme weather, Direct Energy Business recommended PowerPortfolio, a hybrid fixed and energy product that allows businesses to purchase power like a financial portfolio. Through PowerPortfolio, Ultra-Poly was able to develop an energy purchasing plan that combined fixed and variable price strategies with transparency, giving them the opportunity to purchase power at wholesale — rather than retail — prices.

The result?

Ultra-Poly purchased about 50 megawatt hours (MWh) hours of electricity at favorable rates through PowerPortfolio, resulting in nearly $250,000 in savings over the term of a fixed price contract. Pleased with the results, Ultra-Poly made PowerPortfolio part of its long-term energy strategy along with Panoramic Power and Demand Response.

Ultra-Poly is just one example of how a holistic energy strategy can improve operations, minimize risk exposure, and boost the bottom line. To learn how a holistic energy strategy can benefit your business, please read our complete Ultra-Poly case study

Posted: February 23, 2016

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