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How Real-time Data Can Transform the Manufacturing Industry

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Recently, the manager of a 200+ megawatt coal-fired cogeneration plant in the U.S. Northeast was looking for actionable ways to reduce the plant’s energy consumption. Where did they start? 

With Panoramic Power.

The plant manager began with a pilot project of Panoramic Power’s device level monitoring solution on electric heat tracing panels in the CO2 facility as the test platform. And it did not take long to witness the benefits.

In December, the CO2 facility was taken offline due to a contaminant. During that time, extreme cold hit the region for several days. After the media was changed and the plant was ready to come back online, it was discovered that a condensate line from the main power plant froze. This delayed the start-up for several days and required many man-hours working in frigid conditions to thaw out the line.

With the heat trace data by Panoramic Power, the technicians were able to identify the reason the line froze was because extremely cold temperatures and insufficient pipe insulation. This incident proved to the Plant Manager that “having the real-time and historical load data on these circuits from the Panoramic Power system is a tremendous improvement in the troubleshooting and maintenance activities for heat tracing panels.”

That story highlights just one of the many benefits of Panoramic Power and real-time data. Next Wednesday, February 17th, we are holding a free, interactive webinar to explore the ways data is transforming the manufacturing industry and highlight how leaders can utilize real-time data to improve their operations. In the webinar, we will explore how data:

  • Breaks down silos of disparate systems
  • Helps manage and improve asset performance
  • Transforms facility and maintenance groups from a cost center to a value center
  • Facilitates predictive maintenance - identifying anomalies early and reducing maintenance cost
  • Analyzes plant performance across multiple metrics

To learn how data is transforming the manufacturing industry, sign-up for our 30-minute “The Future of Manufacturing: 5 Ways Data is Transforming the Industry” webinar.

Posted: February 09, 2016