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Audit Your Small Business's Energy Use With These Easy Steps

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U.S. small businesses collectively spend more than $60 billion on energy each year.

That’s a significant expenditure that translates to a top-three business expense for more than one-third of the nation's small businesses. 

So, how can small business owners begin to save on their energy bill? By first understanding how their business consumes energy. 

We’ve put together this short checklist to help small business owners conduct a straightforward energy audit of their business.

Assess your business’s energy use.

The first step for reducing your energy use, bill and emissions is understanding how your business is currently using energy. There are a number of free tools that can help you track your usage and input the necessary data. 

Benchmark your energy performance.

After you have an accurate assessment of your current energy use, set clear and attainable energy-saving goals for your business. Identify target focus areas (e.g. lighting, HVAC, equipment), set benchmark goals and measure your progress over time.

Take action.

Depending on your building and business type, you could reduce your business’s energy costs between 10 and 30 percent through competitive rates, straightforward efficiency upgrades and simple behavioral adjustments – without sacrificing service or comfort. We’ve compiled 50 energy saving tips to help small businesses unlock their savings potential. 

Get employees involved.  

Saving energy is a team sport – it shouldn't be the sole responsibility of business owners. Employees should be informed on how they can save energy and be encouraged to share their own ideas on how to cut down on energy costs. By having an open dialogue, you can create an energy efficient work culture at your business.

Celebrate your savings.

After you’ve begun to reduce your small business’s energy use and boost your bottom line, celebrate the progress with your employees. That will keep everyone invested and focused on doing what’s best for the business.

Learn 50 ways your small business can save on its energy bill.

Posted: August 25, 2016