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How a 400-Store Global Fashion Retailer Cut Energy Use by 15%

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U.S. retail buildings spend a staggering $20 billion on energy each year.

Given the size of their collective energy expenditure, how can retailers better understand their energy use, reduce consumption and boost the bottom line?

A proven and effective way is through Panoramic Power’s device level energy management solution.

One global fashion retail chain – that operates in more than 50 countries – was searching for ways to minimize its energy use and improve the measuring and reporting of its carbon footprint as part of the company's global environmental policy commitment. 

By integrating Panoramic Power’s device-level energy management solution into the existing building management system (BMS), the retailer was able to glean unparalleled visibility and gain control of device-level energy use at each participating store location.

The increased visibility directly led to a substantial reduction in energy use. By implementing the solution in 60 stores across North America, Europe and Asia, the chain cut energy use 15 percent thanks to real-time alerts that identified energy waste, operational problems and BMS overrides. By benchmarking systems and locations, they uncovered additional inefficiencies and their root causes, saving on maintenance costs with ongoing commissioning and benchmarking.

To learn more about how Panoramic Power helped boost this global fashion retail chain, read the full case study. And for more energy-saving advice for large retailers, download our "Energy Management for Large Retailers" eGuide.

Posted: April 26, 2016