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Here are the Top 5 Energy Stories from August

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This past month brought a whirlwind of energy news, tips and insights on the Direct Energy Business Blog.

To help recap some of the biggest energy stories from August, here are five of our most popular posts. 

5.) How Will Hurricane Season Impact Energy Prices?

With peak Atlantic hurricane season – which is generally late August, September and October – upon us, will it have any impact on energy prices? Here’s what we already know.

4.) Audit Your Small Business With These Easy Steps

How can small business owners begin to save on their energy bill? By first understanding how their business consumes energy. We’ve put together a short checklist to help small business owners conduct a self-energy audit of their business.

3.) Get Ahead of the Energy Market With These Helpful Tips

As one of the largest retail energy suppliers in North America, we help small businesses find ways to reduce their energy costs and boost their bottom line. To help small businesses get ahead of today's energy market, we've created this helpful, new strategy guide. 

2.) New York's Clean Energy Standard and What Lies Ahead

Major changes are coming to New York's generation mix. Last month, the New York Public Service Commission (PSC) issued an order establishing the details of a program announced by Governor Andrew Cuomo back in January. The Clean Energy Standard seeks to accomplish two important goals for the Cuomo administration: achieving 50 percent renewable content in power production by 2030 and preserving the economic viability of three upstate nuclear plants.

1.) K-12 Schools Can Now Add Energy Savings to the Curriculum

You've heard of Panoramic Power. Now, with students heading back to school, we’re excited to announce that we’re bringing the same solution to K-12 schools across the nation with Panoramic Plus Curriculum. Our new specialized offering uses the capabilities of Panoramic Power to help schools maximize their energy efficiency and includes a specially-developed energy curriculum, which was created by the National Energy Education Development Project (NEED) in partnership with Direct Energy Business.

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Posted: September 02, 2016