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Direct Links to the Week's Top Stories in Energy

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Here are some of the top energy stories we're reading this week.

EIA: Coal Consumption By U.S. Educational Institutions Has Declined 64% Since 2008

Coal consumption by U.S. educational institutions — such as colleges and universities — fell from 2 million short tons in 2008 to 700,000 short tons in 2015. Consumption declined in each of the 57 institutions that used coal in 2008, with 20 of these institutions no longer using coal at all. Coal was largely replaced by natural gas and geothermal heat to meet sustainability initiatives set by each university.

Utility Dive: PJM's Final Clean Power Plan Analysis Shows the Impacts of Cheap Natural Gas

PJM Interconnection released its final compliance analysis on the Clean Power Plan, which examined seven different compliance paths. The report found that each path would successfully lower carbon emissions to the required levels while ensuring resource adequacy across the grid. 

Direct Energy Business: How DC's Renewable Portfolio Standard Changes Might Impact Customers

Recently, the District of Columbia increased and extended its renewable portfolio standard (RPS) target from 20 percent by 2020 to 50 percent by 2032. Additionally, the local solar carve out requirement was increased from 2.5 percent to 5 percent by 2032. Here's the potential impact on customers.

Electric Choice: Nevada Explores Electricity Deregulation

Recently, Nevadians for Affordable, Clean Energy Choices filed a proposed constitutional amendment with Nevada’s Secretary of State’s office. The amendment is an effort to open up Nevada’s energy market and become deregulated, giving consumers the many benefits of electric choice.

RTO Insider: Wisconsin Manufacturers Call for Retail Choice

Wisconsin regulators first began considering electric competition in 1994. Now, with the state’s rates among the highest in the Midwest, some large manufacturers are calling for another look at retail choice.

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Posted: September 09, 2016