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Device-level Visibility is a Game Changer for Global Manufacturer

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Putting granular energy data at their fingertips

With operations spanning across 50 countries, one of the world’s largest building materials suppliers and cement producers faced a pivotal energy challenge.  Their utility meter could not provide timely information about usage and plant managers had no access to even retrospective utility data or performance metrics when working offsite at remote quarries. They needed a more sophisticated way to track, manage and report energy consumption from each piece of equipment.

Implementing a winning strategy to conserve

The manufacturer turned to Panoramic Power® from Direct Energy Business, a monitoring and reporting technology that gives insight into real-time device-level performance and energy usage. The wireless sensors attach to key equipment and systems and send immediate data to mobile-compatible dashboards where it’s organized into actionable reports and benchmarking.

It took only five hours for the manufacturing to install more than 60 sensors across one site, attaching them to pumps, conveyers, and crushers. And within this time, plant managers could already begin to see striking data about unknown equipment inefficiencies and process bottlenecks:

  • Identified inefficient conveyor motor that was overloading and tripping out, creating a bottleneck in the process. Savings of $270,000 p/y.
  • Identified off-hour consumption at several buildings and plants. Savings of $10,000 p/y.

During their single-site pilot, the manufacturer totaled savings of $280,000 p/y with a return on investment in just one month.

Soon, the manufacturer rolled out Panoramic Power at 70 of their UK quarries and German cement plants, improving system performance and productivity by 20 percent.

Posted: October 04, 2016