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Fashion Retailer Turns Heads with Panoramic Power

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A global energy management challenge

With more than 400 stores in 50 countries, a fashion retail chain came face-to-face with an all-too-common business challenge: how can we manage energy costs when we can’t see how our energy is being used? They had no solution for tracking or reporting energy consumption to control costs, or a system to support their robust corporate sustainability program.

The retailer found an answer in Panoramic Power® from Direct Energy Business, an energy monitoring tool that provides device-level energy data. The easy-to-install wireless sensors analyze real-time energy usage and collate that information into mobile-friendly dashboards with unique reporting and alerting capabilities. For a company already invested in efficiency monitoring and reduction of their carbon footprint, Panoramic Power became a key tool.

Spotting savings opportunities

By monitoring energy consumption at each store location, the retailer quickly identified inefficiencies and opportunities to save.

  • Immediate electricity reduction at every store. Panoramic Power’s real-time alerts identified energy waste and operational problems.
  • Optimized energy and operational performance. Benchmarking between devices and locations revealed inefficiencies and root causes of waste.
  • Cost savings for maintenance. Ongoing commissioning and benchmarking led to new maintenance schedules and saved costs on periodic checks.
  • Benchmarking across stores and regions. The retailer was able to establish energy efficiency goals.

With just six stores using Panoramic Power, the retailer identified $17,500 of energy savings, a yearly savings potential of $130,000. This finding  easily convinced them to expand the rollout across the globe. With the solution implemented at 60 stores across North America, Europe and Asia, the retailer saw the amazing returns:

  • Annual Savings potential (for 60 stores) of $120,000/year
  • Reduction of energy consumption by 15%
  • Off-hour consumption costs reduced by 8%
  • Return on investment within 9 months

Broad Applications for Panoramic Power

This leader in the fashion industry took advantage of Panoramic Power as a fully integrated energy management system.  With drill down features for building management system integration, sustainability reporting, efficiency projects, and task execution – not to mention immense cost savings – Panoramic Power has clearly earned its keep.

Posted: October 11, 2016