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7 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Energy Choice

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For a long time, your utility company was your only option for natural gas and electricity, regardless of where you lived. 

However, that has changed significantly through the years. 

In the U.S. and Canada, many states and provinces have replaced a monopoly system of electricity and natural gas with competition, allowing energy providers to vie for your business. Today, consumers in deregulated energy markets have real energy choice and can choose who supplies energy to their home or business. 

So, what are some of the benefits of deregulation and energy choice? Here are some of the many ways energy choice can potentially boost your business:

1. The Power to Switch

It's important to get competitive electricity and natural gas rates for your business. If you're located in a deregulated market, you can switch from your utility to a retail energy supplier to gain a range of benefits, including price protection, real cost savings, best-in-class customer care and access to the latest technology.

When choosing a retail energy supplier, be sure to do your homework. Visit provider websites to view pricing and plan options. Look beyond pricing quotes and into the supplier's credit rating, their customer service and technology offerings. Your best option will likely be a financially stable and established supplier that can meet your billing, service and price requirements.

2. Flexible Pricing Options

Energy prices can fluctuate at the drop of a hat. That's why you should ensure your business has the flexibility to take advantage of beneficial price changes.

RateFlex allows small businesses to lock in great electricity rates through different parts of the year and all under the same contract term, from 12 to 24 months. The plan can give your business the budget certainty and protection from seasonal ups and downs that a pre-determined rate can provide while offering the opportunity that variable rates create.

With ChooseAgain, small businesses can select a new electricity or natural gas rate at any time without fees or penalties. As long as you remain with Direct Energy Business, you can switch rates at any time — even if our rates drop.

3. Best-in-Class Customer Care

You’re faced with the daily challenges of running your business while managing energy costs. 

We’re here to help. Not only do we work closely with large businesses, we also have a special customer care team dedicated to serving our more than 200,000 small business customers. Speak with a live agent who will swiftly and efficiently handle all of your questions or concerns via a U.S.-based call center.

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4. A Trusted Supplier

Direct Energy is one of the largest energy and home-services retailers in North America, with nearly 5 million customer relationships in Canada and the United States. That’s a lot of customers that trust us with their energy supply.

For large businesses, our energy advisory services can provide your in-house energy team with an additional layer of expertise and guidance, positioning your company to leverage pricing that’s more closely aligned with the markets. 

5. The Latest Technology  

We offer the latest cutting-edge technology, including the sleek Nest Learning Thermostat to our small business customers. If your small business prefers new technology over the flexible rates offered by ChooseAgain, we’re proud to offer the $249 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat at no additional cost, at a great fixed rate and through easy online enrollment.

Panoramic Power — which analyzes 8 billion data points per month and counting — offers larger businesses a device-level energy management solution. The wireless sensors clip directly onto circuit wires, capture device level data in real-time and process data in an analytics platform. The technology's insights are estimated to help save 12 percent for businesses on costs, allowing operators to see how they can become more energy efficient, how their equipment is functioning and how they can improve their overall operations.

6. Energy-Saving Insights 

In addition to the energy-saving insights provided by leading technology and expert guidance, you can also monitor your energy use online. 

If you're a Direct Energy Business customer, you can track your business's own energy usage by logging into MyAccount. In MyAccount, you can access all of your account information in one place, see a rolling 13-month view of your usage, renew your contract in just a few clicks (if eligible) and access it on all of your devices. By actively tracking your usage, you're more likely to save energy and money.

7. Green Energy Options 

For businesses looking to "go green" and join the growing solar trend, Direct Energy Business offers a number of beneficial and creative commercial solar options. Last summer, we unveiled a groundbreaking 1.2 megawatt rooftop solar project with HEB and SolarCity in Weslaco, Texas. More recently, we announced an innovative 13.6 megawatt remote solar project with Johns Hopkins University in Maryland and a new plan to install solar power systems at Whole Foods Market locations throughout the United States.   

Want to learn more about energy choice and if your business is located in a deregulated market? 

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Posted: October 12, 2016