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Direct Links to the Week's Top Stories in Energy

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From a groundbreaking report on electric choice to this winter's energy outlook, there was some major energy news this week. 

Here are some of the top stories we're currently reading. 

Utility Dive: Why Natural Gas Supply Will Be Crucial in Preventing Winter Power Outages

Grid officials and market watchers tell federal officials they expect to reliably meet winter demand this coming season, though some challenges remain, the weather is unknowable and areas with limited natural gas capacity could struggle.

The Philadelphia Inquirer: UPenn study: Competition Has Brought Pa. Cheaper, Cleaner Power

Pennsylvanians are getting a more reliable and cheaper electricity supply, and breathing cleaner air, since the state embraced electric competition in 1996, a University of Pennsylvania study concludes.

EIA: U.S. Energy Production, Consumption Has Changed Significantly Since 1908

In 1908, the United States produced less than half a million barrels per day (b/d) of oil, with crude oil production having only started approximately 50 years earlier. At that time, crude oil was mainly refined to produce kerosene for use in lamps. 

Panoramic Power: Energy Data Applied: Real Companies Real Results

Thanks to an accelerated rate of improvements in information storage, communication and data processing, today, when used appropriately, an energy management system (EMS) will not only lead to significant reductions in energy spend, but identify operational failures before they come to fruition and reveal any number of opportunities for operational improvement.

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Posted: November 04, 2016