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How Demand Management Can Cut Your Energy Spend

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When managing your energy spend, it's important to consider both supply and demand. 

Recently, we held an interactive webinar to overview how businesses can systematically cut their energy spend through demand management and cutting-edge energy intelligence. 

Demand Response is a load management program that pays participants to reduce electricity usage during periods of peak demand across the system. With the Direct Energy Business Demand Response program, large businesses can earn potential monthly income by curtailing their electricity usage during specific times of significant stress on the grid. 

In the recording below, you will hear John Ward of our Advisory Services team discuss how your business can generate revenue by curbing energy use with minimal disruption to operations through Demand Response and Panoramic Power. Watch the recording to learn more. 

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Learn how Demand Response can help reduce your energy spend with minimal disruption to business operations.

Posted: November 21, 2016