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Here are the Top 5 Energy Stories from May

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This month brought a whirlwind of energy news, tips and insights on the Direct Energy Business Blog.

To help recap some of the biggest energy stories from May, here are five of our most popular posts. 

5.) Introducing Panoramic Power's Device Analyzer — A New Way to Unleash Operational Value

We're thrilled to announce the release of Panoramic Power's PowerRadar Device Analyzer, an innovative data-science approach to energy management that generates actionable energy and operational efficiency insights. Using advanced machine learning algorithms, Device Analyzer provides users with greater visibility into the operational state of each of their monitored devices.

4.) What Is Reactive Power and Why Does It Matter?

Reactive power is either generated or absorbed by electric generators (or, in some cases, devices known as "capacitors") to maintain a constant voltage level, commonly referred to as providing “voltage support. Find out why it's so important right now. 

3.) Direct Energy Stands with the Fort McMurray Community

As Albertans, Direct Energy is committed to the Fort McMurray community. Direct Energy is making an initial donation of $100,000 to the Canadian Red Cross to help support the immediate relief effort in the Fort McMurray area and will continue working with our customers and the community in the months to come.

2.) What You Need to Know About Smart Meters

There are nearly 60 million advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) installations – also known as smart meters – in the U.S. While the vast majority of smart meters are installed at homes, there are also about 7 million commercial and industrial installations nationwide. Given the rapid proliferation of smart meters, here are five things you should know about the technology.

1.) How Real-Time Data Insights Are Boosting This Plastic Recycler

MRC Polymers – an Illinois-based plastic compounder that utilizes post-consumer and post-industrial scrap – was searching for a credible energy provider to educate them on the latest market trends and equip them with cutting-edge technology. With Direct Energy Business, MRC Polymers found an energy provider they could trust and rely on.

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Posted: May 31, 2016