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Introducing Panoramic Power's Device Analyzer — A New Way to Unleash Operational Value

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Businesses have more data than ever before. 

But managing the volume and complexity of that data — as well as deriving meaningful insights — is easier said than done. Facility managers need a solution that utilizes the latest machine learning technology to derive actionable insights from all of their data. 

Today, that solution has arrived. 

We're thrilled to announce the release of Panoramic Power's PowerRadar Device Analyzer, an innovative data-science approach to energy management that generates actionable energy and operational efficiency insights.

Using advanced machine learning algorithms, Device Analyzer provides users with greater visibility into the operational state of each of their monitored devices. Device Analyzer learns usage patterns for devices — whether it be lighting, HVAC and production lines — and with pre-defined algorithms per device-type, allows users to see the device's operational state in real-time. It understands and monitors device sequencing, detects anomalies and automatically generates operational insights. 

Device Analyzer shifts the user interaction from a focus only on energy consumption, to an operational one — delivering significant value to improve operations, productivity and facility performance.

To learn more about how PowerRadar's Device Analyzer can help unleash the operational value of your critical devices, sign up for our upcoming webinar and demo

Posted: May 18, 2016