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How Manufacturers Can Turn Energy into a Competitive Advantage

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Energy is a major contributor to almost every manufacturer’s operating costs. The sector consumes a majority of the world’s energy and makes up 30 percent of total consumption in the United States. 

With such scale, it is important that manufacturers approach energy purchasing as a potential competitive advantage and view energy management as a business strategy, rather than just an exercise in tracking commodity prices.

Total Energy Management can help energy buyers make informed energy choices by examining the relationships among a plant’s energy budget, risk tolerance and energy consumption patterns, and then identifying strategies to potentially lower energy consumption and costs. By emphasizing a range of energy efficiency strategies, Total Energy Management offers manufacturers the potential to cut energy costs by 20 percent.

To help manufacturers begin unlocking savings through Total Energy Management, we've put together a new strategy guide. The guide — "Energy Management for Manufacturers" — overviews how investing time and energy into the Total Energy Management approach can help build your organization's competitive advantage. Total Energy Management can build this competitive advantage by:

  • Using data-driven insights to guide decision-making 

  • Establishing triggers and parameters to act on advantageous price movements

  • Managing risk strategically 

For more information on how manufacturers can unlock savings and gain a competitive advantage through Total Energy Management, please download the "Energy Management for Manufacturers" guide

Posted: March 28, 2016