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Direct Energy Business Joins 'The Race to Zero Energy'

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How can we increase energy efficiency in commercial buildings?

That was the focus of last week’s discussion at The Race to Zero Energy: Reaching 2030 Goals. The multi-series event was hosted by the Green Building Alliance and invited attendees to learn about new technologies, products and approaches that are changing the way commercial spaces use energy.

Direct Energy Business joined a manufacturer of high-tech polymers for building insulation, a start-up Internet of Things (IoT) energy management and controls company and Azizan Aziz, professor of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University in each sharing their solutions and strategies for energy efficiency in commercial buildings.

Todd Sandford — Director of Distributed Energy in North America — gave the group a look into our strategy designed around their customers, namely how they are committed to helping them “Buy Less of What We Sell.” Sandford explained this strategy in the context of how it translates into helping businesses achieve lower energy costs and greater efficiency with solutions like Panoramic Power.

Sandford’s presentation showcased how Panoramic Power gives commercial energy users unprecedented visibility into their energy usage with miniature, non-invasive, self-powered wireless current sensors. These sensors, clamped on to an outgoing circuit breaker wire, collect and transmit millions of real-time data points on the building’s energy usage. The data is then securely uploaded to the cloud and translated into actionable energy insights for facility managers, from eliminating energy waste to predicting equipment failure before it happens.

The event was held at Carnegie Robotics in Pittsburgh’s revitalized Lawrenceville neighborhood. Their state-of-the-art facility is located in the former Heppenstall building, a completely renovated 29,000 square foot world-class robotics innovation and production facility. The building itself recently received an installation of Panoramic Power and has already seen its own benefits from increased energy visibility.

Learn how Panoramic Power can help your business take control of its energy use and operations.

Posted: June 27, 2016