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Hear What Energy Experts Are Saying About Panoramic Power

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Data analytics are fundamentally transforming the way businesses are run. 

Panoramic Power – which analyzes 8 billion data points per month and counting – offers large businesses a device-level energy management solution that gives them unprecedented, real-time visibility into their energy use, equipment performance and business operations. 

Recently, we gave a demonstration of the technology to energy industry leaders and experts at the Future of Energy Summit in New York. In the video below, Yaniv Vardi (CEO, Panoramic Power) and Badar Khan (CEO, Direct Energy) discuss how the energy and operational insights provided by Panoramic Power can help improve businesses.

After demonstrating the technology to a crowd of energy experts at the summit, we asked them for their thoughts and reactions. Here's what they had to share:

Learn how Panoramic Power can give unprecedented visibility into your business's operations.

Posted: July 22, 2016