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How Companies Can Become More Strategic with Energy Management

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It's time for companies to raise their game with energy management. 

That's according to a recent article published by the Harvard Business Review. With a plethora of mega-trends facing companies — such as climate change, increased expectations around transparency of business operations, the proliferation of big data and the internet of things (IoT), and significant shifts in the energy industry as a whole — businesses have to change the way they approach energy management. 

According to the article, there are number of steps businesses can take to get the most out of their energy budget, including: 

  • Developing a global energy strategy with C-suite and cross-functional accountability

  • Setting ambitious, science-based goals for energy management and reducing emissions

  • Tracking energy data at all levels with cutting-edge tools (such as Panoramic Power) to better understand how energy connects to overall business performance and metrics

  • Using advanced financing mechanisms to expand energy project options (like innovative solar projects)

At Direct Energy Business, we couldn't agree more. Hear what Direct Energy Business president John Schultz had to say about energy management and disruptive technology at this year's Future of Energy Summit:

Learn how cutting-edge data analytics technology can help your business take control of its energy use and operations.

Posted: July 13, 2016