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Leading Office Supply Store Finds Forward-Thinking Solutions

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With nearly 4,000 stores worldwide, office supply superstore Staples requires a suite of innovative solutions to help those stores save money on energy costs. Ranked among the top 25 in the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partner list, the company is open to new sources of energy and creative solutions, enabling Direct Energy Business to provide forward-thinking options for energy management.

"Staples relies on Direct Energy Business for its depth of energy expertise and broad scope of energy related solutions. Direct Energy is part of the Staples strategic energy team and is a great partner, helping us make intelligent decisions that have an impact on our budget and business. Direct Energy is a significant partner in delivering total energy management to Staples and contributes strongly to our energy strategy.” 

- Bob Valair, Director of Energy & Environmental Management, Staples, Inc.


Posted: January 14, 2016

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