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Nucor Steel Finds Electricity Savings

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Nucor Steel is the largest steel producer in the United States. Their Jewett, Texas plant has been producing a variety of steel products for more than 40 years. Nucor Steel depends on its relationship with Direct Energy Business to provide savings on electricity and power the plant more efficiently.

"The real benefit of Direct Energy Business, is that they come in, they get to know our business and our operation. They then bring that technical experience and expertise that they have in our industry to work with us each and every day. The partnership that we have with Direct Energy Business goes beyond just buying and selling electricity. Direct Energy Business helps provide us with a strategy as to how we can buy electricity now, and in the future, in the most cost-effective manner. I think Direct Energy would be a great resource for anyone in the manufacturing industry."

- John Bass, GM of Public Affairs, Nucor Corporation



Posted: January 21, 2016

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