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Top 5 Energy Stories from December

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We concluded the year with a number of major stories on the Direct Energy Business Blog, ranging from the opening of a new, cutting-edge CNG facility in New York to Panoramic Power being named Energy Product of the Year.

Here are our top five energy stories from December.

5.) Direct Energy Business Just Committed $5 Million to Texas Children's Hospital. Learn Why.

In December, Direct Energy announced a $5 million commitment to Texas Children’s Hospital — the largest corporate gift ever made to a Texas Children’s Hospital campaign priority.

4.) 7 Things to Know About the Solar Tax Credit Extension

U.S. lawmakers voted to extend the incentive tax credits (ITC) for solar and wind investments. To help distill what the legislation means for U.S. solar investments and the nation’s overall energy landscape, here are 7 things you should know.

3.) Direct Energy Business and Xpress Natural Gas Unveil Innovative CNG Facility in New York 

In partnership with Xpress Natural Gas (XNG) and New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG), and Direct Energy Business helped unveil a new, cutting-edge compressed natural gas (CNG) facility in New York.

2.) Panoramic Power Named Energy Product of the Year

Panoramic Power was named Top Product of the Year Award 2015 by Energy Manager Today. The award – which showcases achievements in energy innovation, efficiency, reliability, and cost effectiveness – recognized Panoramic Power for Wireless Electricity Monitoring. 

1.) 10 Most Important Energy Numbers of 2015

There were a number of major energy developments in 2015. We’ve assembled some of the most telling energy statistics to help highlight the year’s biggest energy trends.

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Posted: January 04, 2016