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Here are the Top 5 Energy Stories from November

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November brought a whirlwind of energy news, tips and insights on the Direct Energy Business Blog. 

Here are the month's most popular posts.

5.) How Alberta's Carbon Levy Will Impact Natural Gas Consumers

Changes are coming to the price of natural gas in Alberta. As part of its Climate Leadership Plan to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the Government of Alberta is introducing a levy on the price of all fuels that release GHG emissions when combusted, including natural gas.

4.) Pennsylvania Saved $800 Million with Electric Choice Last Year

Electricity competition has given Pennsylvanians cheaper, cleaner and more reliable electricity for decades. That's according to a recent study conducted by the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the University of Pennsylvania.

3.) PPG Paints Arena Named Energy All-Star by Direct Energy Business

The Pittsburgh Penguins aren’t just Stanley Cup Champions — they're also all stars in energy management. That’s why, before the Penguins took on the Anaheim Ducks last month, Direct Energy Business was proud to present the Penguins and their home, PPG Paints Arena, with our inaugural All-Star Energy Award.

2.) There's a New Trusted Natural Gas Supplier in Tennessee

It's important to select a natural gas supplier you can trust. Now, many businesses in Tennessee have that option. We’re thrilled to announce that we have now expanded our natural gas solutions to Nashville, Tennessee.

1.) Winter's Impact on Energy Prices and How to Reduce Risk

It's important to take the necessary precautions to protect your business in winter. Direct Energy Business is here to help. We've put together this straightforward guide to help commercial and industrial businesses mitigate their risk exposure and get the most out of their energy budget. 

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Posted: December 01, 2016