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What Factors Shape Natural Gas and Electricity Prices?

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Shopping for natural gas or electricity can seem overwhelming. 

If you're located in a deregulated market, you can switch from your utility to a retail energy supplier to gain a whole host of benefits, including price protection, real cost savings, best-in-class customer care and access to the latest technology. 

However, not every supplier provides the same information or explanation as to how their pricing quotes were derived, making it difficult to identify the best offer for your business. 

Have no fear: Direct Energy Business is here to help. We've created a useful Understanding Energy Pricing resource to break down natural gas and electricity pricing and products, and help make your energy purchasing decision an easy one. 

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With our guide, you'll gain straightforward explanations and insights on: 

  • Natural gas and electricity market cycles

  • The cost components of pricing offers

  • The different types of natural gas and electricity products

Understanding natural gas and electricity market basics, product types, important terms and price components will help empower you as you shop for a competitive price. It's time to take charge of your energy spend by making energy purchasing decisions that help propel your business objectives.

Want to learn more about the determinants of natural gas and electricity prices? 

Visit our Energy Pricing 101 page

Posted: December 22, 2016