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K-12 Schools Can Now Add Energy Savings to the Curriculum

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You may already know about Panoramic Power, the device-level energy monitoring solution that’s helping our customers see more of their energy data and putting it to work.

Now, with students heading back to school, we’re excited to announce that we’re bringing the same solution to K-12 schools across the nation with Panoramic Plus Curriculum.

Our new specialized offering uses the capabilities of Panoramic Power to help schools maximize their energy efficiency as well as a specially-developed energy curriculum, which was created by the National Energy Education Development Project (NEED) in partnership with Direct Energy Business. The innovative curriculum utilizes a school’s own energy data to help teachers educate students on the creation of energy, its sources, use and conservation.

With the power of insights driven by energy data, our Panoramic Power solution can help school managers optimize their building’s energy usage while keeping classrooms, auditoriums, gymnasiums and other equipment performing at the highest level by focusing on energy efficiency, preventative maintenance and operational efficiency. The video below highlights how Panoramic Power can work for your facility.  

This solution for K-12 schools is just one more way we’re demonstrating our commitment not only to our customers, but to a more sustainable future as we invest in educating the next generation of energy consumers on using energy as responsibly and efficiently as possible.

Find out if Panoramic Plus Curriculum is right for your school.

Posted: August 24, 2016