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U.S. Healthcare Facilities Spend $8 Billion on Energy Each Year. Here's How They Can Save.

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Healthcare facilities are facing tighter-than-ever operating margins due to increased regulatory requirements and federal reimbursement cuts. 

With significant pressure to scale back expenses, three-quarters of hospital executives now say they are cutting costs.

Energy is one area where healthcare facilities can attain significant savings without compromising service. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Hospital Energy Alliance estimates that the nation’s healthcare facilities collectively spend more than $8 billion on energy each year — enough to cover the average annual salaries of approximately 100,000 registered nurses.

By taking a Total Energy Management approach, healthcare leaders can reduce energy consumption and, as a result, reallocate savings to improve patient care. The approach examines the relationships among a healthcare facility’s energy budget, risk tolerance and energy consumption patterns and then identifies viable strategies to potentially lower energy consumption and costs.

To help hospitals and healthcare facilities begin unlocking savings through Total Energy Management, we've created a helpful, new strategy guide: "Energy Management for Healthcare." Specifically, the guide overviews:

  • How to better manage your facility's energy costs

  • How to strategically plan your energy budget with our interactive checklist and toolkit

  • How similar facilities are achieving significant energy savings  

For more information on how healthcare facilities can unlock savings through Total Energy Management, download our "Energy Management for Healthcare" guide.

Posted: April 08, 2016