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3 Ways Direct Energy’s Acquisition of Panoramic Power Will Benefit Customers

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Today, Direct Energy – through its parent company Centrica – is thrilled to announce the completion of its acquisition of Panoramic Power.

The deal – which was priced at $60 million and closed today – fits perfectly with our overall mission of helping customers use and buy less of what we sell.

Here are three ways that Direct Energy’s acquisition of Panoramic Power will begin benefiting business customers today.

1. Access to innovative, cutting-edge technology.

Wireless Electricity Monitoring by Panoramic Power combines self-powered, wireless sensor technology with a cloud-based analytics platform, allowing businesses to analyze each and every piece of critical equipment at one or multiple sites. The devices – which are easy to install and will not halt or delay production – provide real time energy data of equipment  at the facility level.

2. Access to real-time energy usage data and insights.

With Wireless Electricity Monitoring, device level data is captured in real-time and uploaded to an analytics platform. Businesses are then able to track trends, benchmark devices, monitor energy consumption habits, waste, use and more. Users receive alerts on anomalies and can query, export, automate and receive built-in reports that detail device level energy consumption and alert history. The reports empower users with the information necessary to reduce energy and operational waste, along with setting and monitoring energy key performance indicators (KPIs).

3. Reduced overall cost of operations.

Wireless Electricity Monitoring has proven results when it comes to optimizing business operations. It reduces the cost operations in a number of ways, including: by promoting preventative maintenance, reducing energy costs, eliminating off-hour energy consumption, identifying machine idling time, ensuring equipment optimization and effectiveness, monitoring live equipment status, and more.

To learn more about how Wireless Electricity Monitoring by Panoramic Power can help improve your operations, request a quote today.

Posted: November 30, 2015