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2 Simple Ways to Protect Your Small Business this Winter

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Extreme weather, fuel shortages, and price spikes can all impact your natural gas bill. 

During the polar vortex of 2014, more than 50 observation sites nationwide registered record low temperatures, causing gas rates to skyrocket across the country. 

Given the record level of volatility in 2014, it’s important to ensure your business is protected from potential price volatility this winter.

Small businesses can mitigate their risk in a number of ways, beginning with fixed rates and cutting-edge technology, such as the Nest Learning Thermostat. Fixed gas rates offer a set price for your natural gas supply for the duration of your contract term, effectively protecting your business from any volatile price swings in the markets. 

Energy conserving software such as the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat can also help your small business save energy and money this winter. Nest has already helped residential customers save up to a whopping 20 percent on their heating and cooling bills. 

You can’t control the weather – but you can control your energy supply bill. Learn how fixed rates and the Nest Learning Thermostat can help your small business save this winter by checking out this helpful infographic. 

Posted: October 08, 2015