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Top 5 Direct Energy Business Articles from September

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In September, the Direct Energy Business Blog had a whirlwind of energy stories and announcements, including our new 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat offering for small businesses and some data-driven deep dives into U.S. natural gas consumption. 

To recap the month's top stories, here are the five most popular articles published in September:

5. Nest's New Thermostat Can Save Small Businesses Energy and Money

Direct Energy Business is proud to announce that we will exclusively offer the $249 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat to our small business customers at no cost, at a great fixed rate, and through easy online enrollment. The new offering is part of our Back to Business Plan, which provides your business with competitive energy rates, significant energy savings, and cutting-edge technology. Here are some of the 3rd generation Nest Thermostat’s key features that can help your small business save energy and money.

4. 6 Energy Saving Tips for Offices

On average, energy costs make up 19 percent of total expenditures for a typical office building. That translates to about $1.34 on electricity and 18 cents on natural gas per square foot. Here are six energy saving tips for commercial office buildings.

3. GasPortfolio: Taking Natural Gas Procurement to the Next Level

GasPortfolio is a managed natural gas procurement solution that combines Direct Energy Business energy experience with real-time data and market monitoring. As a strategic solution for national, industrial, or large commercial businesses, it gives businesses personalized support and equips them with the information needed to leverage the market and control expenditures. Learn more about GasPortfolio in this article. 

2. Energy Pricing Offers 101: Natural Gas

There are three main factors that make up a natural gas pricing quote: price of supply, overall usage, and the delivery period. Direct Energy Business has put together an in-depth guide on what goes into each of the three main price determinants and how to select the best natural gas offering for your business. 

1. U.S. Natural Gas Demand in 3 Charts

In last month's edition of Natural Gas Monthly, the U.S. Energy Information Administration examined natural gas consumption across the nation's residential, power, commercial, and industrial economic sectors. The study identified two main peaks in U.S. natural gas demand, which are largely dictated by seasonal weather conditions. In this article, we examine the study's findings in three informative charts. 

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Posted: October 01, 2015