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How Manufacturers Can Manage and Maximize Their Energy Use

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The manufacturing sector accounts for 51 percent of the world’s energy use and 30 percent of U.S. consumption. 

Given the high level of energy consumption and spend, it's important for manufacturers to have a well-designed energy strategy. Energy spend can be influenced by a number of forces beyond manufacturers' control, such as increased oil and natural gas production, fuel transportation constraints, and new emissions regulations, like the Clean Power Plan and California's S.B. 350.  

Adding to the complexity of energy markets is the sheer amount of players involved in the energy procurement process, including retail suppliers, brokers, energy service companies, and several others. So, how can manufacturers identify the best energy offer and strategy for their business? 

To help manufacturers understand and manage their total energy spend, Direct Energy Business has published a new, in-depth eGuide. The guide — "Smart Energy Strategies for Manufacturers" — shares a number of proven strategies that have helped manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada optimize their energy use, such as mitigating price risk, utilizing advanced analytics, and establishing a trigger price. 

To learn how manufacturers can better manage and maximize their energy use, download the complete eGuide “Smart Energy Strategies for Manufacturers."

Posted: October 23, 2015