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Why Compressed Natural Gas is Becoming the Fleet Fuel of Choice

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Compressed natural gas (CNG) is rapidly becoming the leading fleet fuel of choice for innovative companies of all sizes across multiple industries. 

Over the next 10 years, U.S. businesses with light-duty and medium/heavy-duty vehicle fleets are projected to double their natural gas consumption. 


Advances in affordable CNG technology and an abundant supply of natural gas have helped create a unique opportunity for businesses to upgrade their fleets, reduce costs, and invest for future revenue growth.

Suppliers, customers, and communities are increasingly requiring businesses to make more sustainable choices, including reducing fleet emissions. Whether the mandate is regulatory or market-driven, responding with an investment in CNG yields advantages in the short and long term. 

Direct Energy Business has published a new, in-depth fleet leader guide to the processes, expectations, and business advantages of switching to CNG. The guide — "Greener, Safer, Cheaper: The Advantages of Switching to Compressed Natural Gas" — also helps explain the core infrastructure investment needed outside of new trucks: an on-site CNG fueling station. 

For more information on how compressed natural gas can help boost your fleet's efficiency and bottom line, download our eGuide "Greener, Safer, Cheaper: The Advantages of Switching to Compressed Natural Gas." 

Also, be sure to check out our video and blog post on the innovative CNG station opened this past summer by Xpress Natural Gas (XNG) and Direct Energy Business. 

Posted: October 06, 2015