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How Fixed Quantity Gas Can Boost Your Business

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Given the many factors that can impact natural gas prices, it can be difficult for businesses to identify the most strategic natural gas procurement approach.

Fortunately, there’s a new, cost-effective solution for Canadian businesses: Fixed Quantity Gas from Direct Energy Business.

Fixed Quantity Gas offers Canadian businesses a fixed price for a set volume of natural gas supply. It allows businesses to lock in a favorable price for a predetermined supply of natural gas, protecting them from any potential price spikes in the future.

Based on the daily market price of natural gas, businesses receive an unused consumption credit for what they don’t use or an excess consumption charge for gas usage over what they’ve already purchased. This approach ensures that the contracted supply price per gigajoule (GJ) remains the same, even if market rates rise over the course of a contract term.

As part of this innovative plan, Direct Energy Business balances accounts daily so there are never any surprises or interruptions to a business’s cash flow at billing time. Our position as a strong and trusted energy retailer means you’ll be able to depend on Direct Energy Business being there when you need us – even during the most challenging times of winter peak demand.

To learn more about how Fixed Quantity Gas can protect your business from potential price spikes and boost your bottom line, please visit our Fixed Quantity Gas page.

Posted: November 24, 2015