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Protect Your Small Business From Energy Scams

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Just last month, Ross Township Police near Pittsburgh, Pa. received a number of reports about energy scammers targeting residents in the area.  Investigators said the caller represents themselves as a bill collector from a local utility company and demands immediate payment for an overdue bill. Police said these callers are actually criminals attempting to get credit card information over the phone, while threatening to shut power off if payment is not received. 

It should be noted that these kinds of scams have been reported nationwide, and business owners, while not a primary target, should be aware.

Should you receive a call such as this one, call your utility and/or supplier immediately if you think you may owe money; otherwise, do not share your credit card information or send money cards to anyone claiming to be your utility.

Unfortunately, scams sometimes happen. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure your small business is protected from energy scams:

  • Your energy service CANNOT be switched without your consent.
  • Energy suppliers cannot physically disconnect your service. Only your local utility which adheres to Public Service Commissions (PSC) rules can do so.
  • Local utilities will continue to deliver your electricity and natural gas, and the PSC will continue to oversee system reliability.
  • The PSC handles complaints against suppliers and utilities.

Please warn your families, friends, and especially your elderly neighbors of scams like this. The best way to protect yourself and your small business is to pay close attention to your rights as an energy consumer.

In Ross Township, police said the primary targets were typically the elderly. [Read the full story here.]

For residents in the Duquesne Light area, the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commissions (PUC) has helpful consumer information on suppliers.

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Posted: May 20, 2015