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The REV Revs Up in New York: Part 2

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Per last week’s New York REV update (Part 1), I outlined parts of the 140-page order by the PSC deciding the policy issues central to the implementation of the REV goals.  In the order, the PSC made many decisions.

Below are a few more REV updates per the lengthy order. These actions will shape the remaining aspects of the REV proceeding and will also begin to create opportunities at the customer level in the coming months.

Community Choice Aggregation
The PSC also released a decision approving a group called Sustainable Westchester’s petition to undertake a pilot for Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). CCA programs allow municipalities to pursue a range of energy-related activities, including procuring electricity commodity service on behalf of residential and small business customers, with those customers being served by the CCA suppliers unless they opt-out.

CCA fits into the REV framework not only because it is seen as increasing customer engagement generally but also because individual municipalities can choose to pursue specific distributed energy resources (DER) projects in the context of a CCA program. In fact, one county, Ulster County, has developed a CCA program aimed more directly at increasing penetration of DER rather than procuring only commodity service. Ulster County has proposed their CCA program as a demonstration project in the REV proceeding.

Market Design and Platform Technology
The PSC also directed the New York State Smart Grid Consortium to convene two working groups to consider issues related to market design and platform technology. They are expected to make recommendations to staff for scoping of the issues that will need to be addressed within this effort, which will cover ratemaking and regulatory issues essential to implementing the REV.

Public Forums and Seminars
Finally, the PSC has been conducting various public forums and seminars related to REV themes. The next one will be on March 31 and will address the role of residential time-variant pricing in achieving the REV goals. 

All in all, the REV has clearly reached top gear in New York!

Posted: March 31, 2015