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Thinking "Green" This St. Patrick's Day? Tips to Keep Your Business Sustainable [Infographic]

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Thinking “green” this St. Patrick’s Day? The following are some tips to keep your business sustainable all year long! Also, check out our St. Patrick's Day "green" infographic. 

1. Recycle. This can include providing documentation, bills, and other communications electronically, rather than by paper through the mail.

2. Reduce your energy usage. Energy reduction both benefits the environment and it can help lower your energy bill. For example, power down electronics at night.

3. Reduce your water usage. Implement motion-controlled faucets and appliances specifically designated to conserve water (dishwashers, washing machines, sprinklers, and toilets).

4. Increase your energy efficiency. Implement energy efficiency measures for power consumption devices, including designated energy-efficient appliances, lighting, electronics, and machinery.

5. Purchase renewable energy credits (RECs). RECs offset your energy usage with energy from renewable sources.

View complete infographic on sustainability tips.

Posted: March 17, 2015